Friday, June 8, 2007

Mobile Coupons

There are so many companies trying to send coupons to the mobile phone. For lot of people it might look convenient. But if we think about how they would do this with today's technology, most people might change their mind as the savings offered by the coupons may not be worth the trouble. Here is the list of reasons why I do not want advertising on my mobile phone.

1) Messaging - No on my home phone same for my cell phone.
I do not like telemarketers call me on my home phone. For the same reason, I do not want text/mms messages coming to me on my cell phone. To make things worse, I might even get charged for the message that I never wanted.

2) Location tracking
There are some companies that sends you coupons based on where you are. To effectively do this companies need to know track your location 24/7. Is it worth letting a company track your location 24/7 in hope for a $2 coupon?
This might be okay if you are searching for something specific and you get some offers based on what you searched and where you are. However, most people are not searching for stuff while they are shopping.

3) Downloading applications
May be this is just my feeling. Cell phones are already getting complicated. The more apps you download in to it the less responsive it becomes. I think twice before installing an app on my laptop. To download an app on my cell phone I will be even more hesitant. Considering the battery drain these apps will cause it is not worth downloading and running any app unless it is critical.

So for me to opt in to any type of push messages on my cell phones, all these issues need to be addressed. Until some one comes up with that solution, I will use my cell phone for just for voice, email and an occasional web surfing.

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