Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OAS and XE conflict on DHCP enabled machines

Recently I was trying to install Oracle Application Server and the Oracle XE database along with the SOA suite and BPEL engine on a laptop. The installation process went okay till I had to reboot the machine. After I reboot the machine, the TNS LISTNER (tnslsnr.exe) will not run. As soon as the process starts, it will crash with an error window saying some unexpected error occurred. Further looking for any log information showed that somehow the tnslistner is picking up files from the OAS installation rather than the XE installation.

Reinstalling the SOA suite did not help. I discussed this with an Oracle consultant who suggested that the issue might be due to some network setting and he was asking me if I got any DHCP warning during installation. Since I remember ignoring an error about DHCP, I decided to read the OAS installation manual that had a section about DHCP. After following the instructions there and installing a loopback adaptor and reinstalling the OAS, I was able to have both XE and the OAS BPEL engine run on the same laptop.

If you are a person who likes to just install the software without reading the manual first, there will be few glitches that will happen if you are installing OAS. So I would recommend taking some time to read the manuals before you start installation that would save you from trouble later. Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way.

The install guide is typically found under the doc\install.1013\ folder when you unzip the download installation binary. A few tips from my install experience:
1) If you are installing the OAS applications on a laptop, run the installation script with the laptop unplugged from any network. When I had the installation running while connected to my work network, and try to bring up the OAS from home while connected to my work network through VPN, the OPNM failed to start till I disconnect from the VPN connection. However, adding the loopback adaptor and installing OAS while unplugged from the network, helped resolve this issue.
2) If you are adding the BPEL engine later after installing the base OAS, you will have to run the scripts to create the schema on the database, manually. The instructions are on the manual. If you are installing this on a windows box and your environment variables are not set properly you may encounter some issues. the Integration Repository Creation Assistant (IRCA) script needs the ORACLE_HOME and JAVA_HOME variables to be set properly. If the path contains and spaces, it will not work. So you may have to edit the path with the short file names with no spaces.

Hopefully, your installation goes smooth. It really helps to read the documentation.

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