Friday, December 12, 2008

ESB ftp adaptor missing class oracle.tip.adapter.file.outbound.FileIoInteractionSpec

If you happen to get an error in the ftp adaptor that it is unable to find the class oracle.tip.adapter.file.outbound.FileIoInteractionSpec, the most likely reason is that there is a class loading issue. To validate the issue, you can use the MBean for class loading and run the following command.


If the above command indicate that the class is not found, you may run the following command to verify it it is atleast in your system.


If this command shows that the class in in the FTPAdaptor jar file, you may simply delete the /j2ee//connectors/FileAdapter/FileAdapter directory and restart the container. This will reimport the files in the fileadaptor directory with the right files.

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