Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Struts2 navigate away from error pages

Struts 2 provides a nice workflow interceptor that makes sure there are no validation errors before allowing the interceptor chain to continue.

This will also prevent the user from navigating away to a different method in the same action. Sometimes that is not the desired behavior we like. For example, if the user is editing an item and there is a validation error and the user does not want to fix the validation error, however they choose to navigate to a different page on the same action, the workflow interceptor will prevent the user and put them back to the edit page.

If the desired behavior is to let them proceed to to another page, you can exclude those methods in the interceptor configuration similar to the following example.
<interceptor-ref name="defaultLoginStack" >
         <param name="validation.excludeMethods">doInput,doList</param>
         <param name="workflow.excludeMethods">doInput,doList</param>
In the above example, if the user tries to access the doList or doInput methods the validation will be skipped and the workflow will allow to continue even if the previous page had errors.

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