Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Webservice Manager (OWSM) admin password change utility

Recently we had to change the admin password for the OWSM admin user due to security policy. I was surprised that oracle does not provide any tool/procedure to change the password of the OWSM admin users. The procedure they described in Metalink basically calls for creating a temporary user, then copying the encrypted password of that user to the admin user by executing a sql statement and deleting the temporary user.

So, I took a little bit more digging in to the scripts and came up with a java program update the password of the admin user without having to go through all the round about ways.

You can download the script from here and expand the zip file. The readme.txt file has the instructions how to execute the command. It basically involved, updating a property file with the userid/password information and executing a java command line.

If you are curious about the java program and like a copy of the source code, I will be happy to share. Just drop me a line at jmeslie at gmail dot com.

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